Milton Grange Ltd
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Oil / Refineries

Milton grange supplies the following products for Oil/Refineries

- Flame & explosion proof Switch Gear (3300V)

- Weather & flame proof Motor Starters/ Feeders

- Circuit Breakers and Local Isolators

- Motor Control Centres

- M.V. Local Isolators

- Two Tier M.V. Vacuum Starter Panels

- Flame proof Electric Motors for mining

- Flame proof Distribution Transformers for mining

- Load Centres and Gate End Boxes

Balwind and Francis

- Flame proof and Atex/ Sira approved full range of

light fittings

- Junction Boxes

Petrel ltd.

- Gaskets for refineries: metallic and non-metallic


Sampsons Gaskets ltd.

Specialised products for Oil / Refineries

- Hydrogen / Nitrogen Cylinders: in 400, 700 &

1,000 litres

- Globe and Butter Fly Valves (for oil refineries)

and Control Valves, Atex approved: in sizes

ANSI 150-600

- Vacuum Relief Valves

- Pumps for oil and gas: horizontal centrifugal pumps

- Oil Purifier Units: flame proof Electric Motors